Strength. Purpose.


Once a tree, anchored by its strong roots, now taking a new form with a different purpose. Its previous role was to provide oxygen for our earth, and now it serves as a safety barrier along the water’s edge. It suffered when it was cut down, and the rings throughout its core give you a glimpse into the wisdom it holds; however, though its life course has changed, it has begun serving a new purpose. It finds strength in itself, along with the help of others. The rust runs into its grains, the sun beams light onto its edges. The salt of the sea blows gently along it with a swiftness that often goes unnoticed. Many walk by, just seeing it as a railing, not stopping to take a deeper look, to learn its story, to take a chance to get to know it. Often times, when the newness wears off, people walk off. These bolts represent the strength of unity and embrace, of the power to stand strong and work together. The elements have worn them, but they remain in place. Love runs deeper than newness and butterflies; love holds you tight and helps you to see the beauty in your journey.


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