Let this cycle end.

You said you loved me, truths saturated with lies. You said you wouldn’t hurt me, a bunch of garbage to my surprise. You have cut me deep, ripping my emotional connection with you out of my soul. You’ve hurt me deeply, but you will no longer be in control.

Through your lies, I’ve been awakened and have learned that the only person in this world that I can undoubtedly trust is the Lord Almighty. I put my faith in you, instead of fully in Him. You, in the human form, are born to sin. You also are gifted with everlasting forgiveness, but not from me, from the Lord. If I find it in me to push past the hurt, it will only be long lasting if you remove the tarnished seed and open up to me completely. You can’t claim love and treat someone so poorly.

Like a leaf, floating down the winding river, my destination is unsure. I can rest along the bank and go no further, fearing what may lie ahead; or I can continue down this path, putting my faith into the Lord, and trusting that he will guide me.

I choose faith. I trust that he will speak to me, be the voice of reason, and let me know if I shall continue or stop.

One day,

At a time.

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