Moving Forward

Moving forward during a time of adversity is challenging and the fears that fuel your thoughts and actions can act as monumental road blocks, causing you to veer off course and hurt the people you love. Making excuses for behaviors and attributing your choices to past experiences will not lead you to enlightenment, and it will not create a healthy atmosphere for love to grow. We are given the God born right to choose from right and wrong, and part of growing in your maturity is taking ownership for your actions and not putting the blame on others. Excuses are just that- excuses. They are not legitimate reasons for choosing to do the wrong thing. Lying and dishonest behaviors will always surface; whether it is visible to the one you hurt or not, your actions and continued patterns laced with lies will continue to weave in and out of your existing relationships, and breaking through the concrete foundation like weeds, choking the love and any existing hope like vines on a chainlink fence. It is up to you to dig deep, look at yourself with unshielded eyes, a vulnerable stance and viewpoint, and accept what you have done. Free yourself from the devil’s doing, and release yourself to God. Ask for help, continued guidance, for Him to put people in your life who will give you the wisdom that you need and help lead you in the right direction.

Dear God, Father in Heaven, Creator of all life and things, thank you for all that you provide us with each day. Thank you for your everlasting love, your willingness to listen and lead, your protection from the evil devil who continuously attempts to make his mark in our lives. Thank you for being there, waiting for us to come to you in prayer and praise you, show our gratitude, and help us. Dear Lord, I ask that you help those people in my life who need you, I pray that you see their faults, as well as mine, and help guide us to righteousness. Please be with us as we make these transitions and allow love, truth and honesty to always be on the forefront of every thought, action and decision that is made. Dear Lord, thank you for your love, your faith in me, and your continued support.

In your name I pray, amen.

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