Let your life flourish, set your sights really high

Advance on your path and don’t ask why

Feel the presence of the Lord in your soul

Hear his whispers and let your creativity flow

What’s your purpose? What does He want? Overcome the roadblocks and celebrate them as passageways to a more refined you. Trusting your intuition, your inner voice, His voice.

Opening up the Bible and reading each day has not been something that I have incorporated into my daily living. However, it is something that will lead me to living a life inspired and driven by His word. Now is a time to study and grow spiritually and in all facets of my life. Surprisingly, the anger that I felt earlier in the week has diminished greatly, as I know in my soul that I have a greater purpose than what I was living out in my previous setting. My soul experienced pain to openly accept the growth that God wants me to have.

“True forgiveness is when you can say, Thank you for that experience.” – Oprah Winfrey

I am grateful for the experiences that I had, but any loving connection that was there is gone. It’s an interesting place to be in. The world is full of broken people, some more than others, but the one who can and will lead us to salvation is the Lord Almighty. Taking ownership of actions needs to occur before any true change can begin to occur within. Going to church may bring temporary satisfaction, a Sunday high and impactful start to the week; but spending time once a week in a house of God is not the only thing that contributes to being a good Christian. Reading His word, sharing your love of Jesus with others, asking questions, seeking answers, living righteously, putting God first and yourself second, living a life that you are proud of, and replacing trying with doing, these are things that are necessary, among others. I haven’t felt compelled to write for some time, but these recent events have triggered something in me. It’s not the end of my happiness, it’s a Heavenly cloud elevating my soul to new levels.

Dear God, thank you for loving me always and being my voice of reason, guiding me to those who could speak your words aloud to me, impacting my soul and allowing me to feel your presence in my life. Thank you for the interactions with others that lead me back to church, one that I felt at home in, and thank you for the help with continuing on to a new church, a new journey, a new path toward a better me. Thank you for my mother who is still alive and well, as she cares for me more than I will ever truly realize, and thank you for her boyfriend who treats me as if I were one of his own. Thank you for my friends who are a true support system, not matter the distance between us. I am grateful to you, and I pray that you help me to speak your truths through my writing, my communication with my students, and interactions with all people I come in contact with. I want to be a reflection of your love, now and always.

In your name I pray,


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