Embrace your worth.

bird house.jpg

We are only held back by our perceived limitations. In this case, a bird house, beautiful at first glance, symbolizes the small scale view of attainment that some people have. Tangible items, monetary wealth, what good is it if you are not embracing what nature is willingly providing you with, season after season, year after year. Why be confined to the small bird house, the block of conformity, when you can enjoy the whole tree, the earth which is meant for you, the path of your righteous being. Grab the reins of your own destiny, listen to the choir in your heart, make a home in a place that soothes your soul and enriches your blood. Feel your inner self, your true self, developing and transforming. Breathe in the air that surrounds you, ground yourself with the earth, allow your worldly love to transcend your body and make marks on the souls of those who you love. Be true to yourself and never, ever, let anyone dim your light. Allow pain to be released, strength be regained, and the earnest truth of your soul and intuitive mission to progress forward. Be you, be your biggest advocate, be the one who makes your heart full. Love yourself, love God, love all. Be an exemplar of what you wish to see. Shine light on others, as you want it to be shown unto you.