Turn the lights out

Let wither away what doesn’t serve you well. Titles hold no value when the love that is meant to bond you is absent. An abundance of excuses, bouncing around the cage of my brain, I’ve heard enough and I close the door.

The prevalence of social media in this world has severely impacted interpersonal relationships. As I sit back, withdrawn from that world, I see it. Everyday. All smiles and glory when the camera is rolling, compliments and fawning when eyes are turned on. But when the lights go out, what is left? Who is that person breathing in the darkness? What are their true desires, ambitions and needs? Why does everything have to be broadcasted on the internet, a global facade that richness is greatness. That continuous attempts at perfection are what emits true happiness. Why are young girls shaming themselves and wholeheartedly believing that they are not enough? Why is that our reality? Turn the lights out. Unplug the chord. Look into your soul and search for what defines you.

It’s not what you see in the mirror. It’s the driving force from within.

Turn the lights out. See yourself. Be free.

Breaking through the chains of conformity.

Music is freedom. No matter what the constraints, you can find your voice and express yourself creatively through music. I love it. I love the energy it brings, its ability to inspire not only yourself, but anyone who has the opportunity to listen. One type does not fit all, and what may touch the soul of one individual, one demographic, or provide someone with peace at one moment in time, may cause a significantly different emotional response for the next person or group. That’s the beauty of life, of choice, of individuality. Expression is our God given right. It’s not meant to fit a mold, nor is it finite. It’s limitless and ever-changing.

It’s interesting to see the love and acceptance that so many show for one another, and also the undeniable misunderstanding, or lack of desire to understand and relate, that still remains. If only everyone could learn to close their eyes, open their heart and let their soul experience the truth of existence, the love that every living being is meant to experience and radiate without the constraints of one’s ego.

What is of any significance, is what you feel with your soul. The beauty that surrounds us in nature can be enjoyed by all who choose to see it, just as the beauty that surrounds us in diversity can be enjoyed the same.