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Breaking through the chains of conformity.

Music is freedom. No matter what the constraints, you can find your voice and express yourself creatively through music. I love it. I love the energy it brings, its ability to inspire not only yourself, but anyone who has the opportunity to listen. One type does not fit all, and what may touch the soul of one individual, one demographic, or provide someone with peace at one moment in time, may cause a significantly different emotional response for the next person or group. That’s the beauty of life, of choice, of individuality. Expression is our God given right. It’s not meant to fit a mold, nor is it finite. It’s limitless and ever-changing.

It’s interesting to see the love and acceptance that so many show for one another, and also the undeniable misunderstanding, or lack of desire to understand and relate, that still remains. If only everyone could learn to close their eyes, open their heart and let their soul experience the truth of existence, the love that every living being is meant to experience and radiate without the constraints of one’s ego.

What is of any significance, is what you feel with your soul. The beauty that surrounds us in nature can be enjoyed by all who choose to see it, just as the beauty that surrounds us in diversity can be enjoyed the same.


Bridge zoom.jpg

I don’t always agree with the saying, “Keep your head up.” Some of the most beautiful things that I have seen were viewed with my eyes draping low towards the ground. The beauty of nature can consume you with the blink of an eye, and keeping your head up can cause you to miss a tremendous amount. Elevate your spirit, take in the essence of the universe. Be a tranquil spirit, allow your mind to rest and be silent, feel your true self inside of you, realize that while you may be a spec in the universe visually, your purpose and power within can influence countless others. Take a moment to ‘lower your head,’ enjoy the little things, and enlighten your life.

Drawn to Nature


Through the ups and downs in life, I’ve learned that your intuition will never steer you wrong. It’s an innate ability to read through perceptions, ignore the noise of your mind, and see something for what it truly is. Reality vs. Perception; it is difficult to compartmentalize the two. Embarking on a new journey can elevate your senses and lead you through stages of euphoria; however, things do not always go the way you had hoped, and it is during these times that you find a new channel of strength and self appreciation that may not have been apparent before. Listening to your gut, welcoming the signs from your angels and God, and taking hold of the power within your every ounce of being will undoubtedly lead you along your soul mission. It is when you ignore your inner voice,and claim coincidence rather that fact, that you veer off of your God given path. The birds in this photo are all on a path, traveling together, heading to the same destination. However, their strides, their experiences, their timing, all vary considerably. While some land quickly, others continue to glide, not quite ready to rest their wings. I have come to a point in my life where I recognize the true importance of protecting the sanctity of my own happiness and inner peace. While it may be frightening to take the path that does not conform to society’s norms, it is often the way in which you see the most beautiful of sights, and experience an abundance of inner truths.